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Reconnecting Ibizan Retreat
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Do you have the courage to go on a deep immersive nourishing adventure, to find the whole of you?


Our 5-day retreat is going to be delicious! This is a time for you to stop and take a time out from your daily life and really, honestly and truly reconnect with yourself. What are you avoiding – health issues, relationship dissatisfaction, career fulfilment, self sabotaging habits, busyness and overwhelm? These are all little signs that we are out of sync with our true nature and need a little course correction. The Finding You Reconnection Retreat is designed to do just that, but not by running away from your life, by compassionately reconnecting you with your highest, deepest desires and most joyful self.


These will be 5 days of utter nourishment. We create space to connect you with your body through gorgeous movement and organically home cooked food. We create space for you to relax and unwind in natural beauty. We run practices to connect you with your inner wisdom so that you can make the right decision for your life without the need for external approval and finally we gently and compassionately support you overcome behaviours that hold you back. This is all done with a professional team of facilitators who have been through their own life changing journeys and will create a sacred, safe and joyful space for you to explore where you are, how you got there and where you want to be. This is going to be magical, joyful, rich and full of deep connection and love where you will leave having found more of you.


Welcome… we can’t wait to have you!!!

Ibiza Retreat accommodation, July 2021

Our retreats will be held either on the magical island of Ibiza amongst the tranquil pine forests over-looking mesmerising Mediterranean sunsets, or nestled in a 17th century manor house in the beautiful UK countryside with cosy fire pits and rolling hills.

  • This is 5 days of self indulgence; each day of the retreat will include an exciting adventure and connecting to our minds, bodies and soul. Fun, exploration and relationships are at the heart of everything we do. 

  • Release stress and disconnect from work, technology and your to-do list whilst reconnecting back to yourself.

  • Apply all your learning instantly to your life so that you can bring meaning, purpose and passion into your relationships, your careers and your personal vision for yourself.

  • Delicious and nutritious food will be catered for you by our in-house chef to nourish your soul and feed your bodies using local and fresh produce. 

  • Laughter and great company are guaranteed whilst you create wonderful new relationships with like-minded people.  



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Step out of your comfort zone, do something you have never done before, learn, grow and be the happiest version of yourself. This is going to be a week that realigns you with yourself and leaves you feeling open, deeply connected, refreshed and excited to the possibilities of your future.



Self awareness begins with understanding our behaviours, beliefs and choices. It takes courage to explore all of these in depth. This is the first step to creating success throughout your whole life. 


To get something you've never had, you have got to do something you've never done. This is about seizing opportunities, getting out of our comfort zone and challenging our bodies.

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Slowing down, connecting to yourself and creating internal peace will be explored alongside cultivating joy in everything you do.


The Outcomes of the Retreat

  • Calm and joyful connection

  • A deep awareness of where your behaviours and beliefs have come from

  • Deep self-awareness

  • A connection to nature and your body

  • Connect to your inner wisdom & a deep trust in your choices

  • Confidence and self-belief 

  • A cool community of support

  • A joy and zest for life

  • Recognise and identify personal behaviours or challenges that hold you back 

  • Overcome these behaviours and challenges 

  • Leave empowered  and focused on your next steps

  • Create a personal daily practice to take home

  • Create inner magic

  • Love yourself more than ever before

What's Included

  • 5* accommodation 

  • 3 delicious and nutritious meals a day

  • Daily activities to connect to your body

  • 1:1 Wellness Coaching 

  • 2 professional and certified facilitators to guide you through the entire week; train you, support you and challenge your growth

  • Hosting for your entire trip from our amazing team

  • Daily workshops to create deep and lasting self awareness and growth

  • Sessions to overcome your challenges and provoke self-development 

  • Local experts to train you in some unexpected ways to connect to your soul

Not included:


  • Flight and or local travel to the retreat sight

  • Additional therapies like massages 

  • Transfer

  • Dinner out on the final night at a local favourite


Main house
Main house

Seating area
Seating area

Shared master suite
Shared master suite

Main house
Main house


Ibiza, Spain

The House
The House

The Chill Room
The Chill Room

The Gardens
The Gardens

The House
The House


England, UK

Example Day


  • Move Your Body - This will be different everyday and is designed to get you feeling high!

  • Breakfast

  • Morning Routine 

  • 2 hour let's get to work - understanding your mind



  • Free time to enjoy the location: you can swim, reflect, sunbath, chat, play games, read a book, or enjoy a massage

  • 2 hour self development workshop 

  • Dinner - This is a time to reflect on the day, nourish your body, laugh and create relationships with your fellow retreaters. 

  • After dinner - Storytelling round a fire, movie night or learning a new skill like breathwork with some of our fabulous local  experts

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Prices vary from £2550 + VAT  to £4000 + VAT per person.  *Price dependent on room choice. Please contact us for more information.


2021 Dates:

  • Reconnecting Ibizan Retreat: Dates coming soon

  • Autumn Equinox Ibizan Retreat in September (Dates TBC)

  • Cosy Winter UK Retreat in December (Dates TBC) 


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