Rachel Allen


  • PCC / CPCC / CTI Leadership

  • 3 Yoga teacher trainings - including elemental yoga therapy (nature based)

  • ORSC fundamentals

  • Google Search Inside Yourself training

  • EFT Foundational practitioner

  • Akashic Records Reading & Healing

  • Authentic relating practice

Rach works with busy women who want to rebalance their life, put it back in their hands and are ready to make a shift. In a world of competing priorities, she creates calm and works from the inside out to have a more alive life professionally and personally. In her programmes, She bridges intellectual and spiritual concepts into practical, actionable steps, that can rebalance, stabilise your life and cultivate your spirit. She has a long list of qualifications - but in reality, she can just be with you where you are and guide you to reconnect with you again. Calm, inspiring and radiates good stuff.


She has 20 years of experience span working in all 3 sectors, strategically and operationally on the ground in developing and developed countries. From corporate teams, to sex trafficked women and girls in Nepal, to female CEO's in Ghana to busy professional women in developed cities.