Lauren Burton

Founder of Finding You

We teach what we most need to heal’ – anyone in a healing profession will have resonance with this quote, and I am no exception. My journey of self-growth and personal development is a deeply personal one, that continues today. My childhood was a paradox of joy, love, ponies and a wonderful school combined with divorce, violence, blended families with complex and toxic dynamics, mental health issues, suicide attempts, isolation and living alone from a very early age. My parents weren’t bad at all but they were carrying their own personal trauma and that cycle as it does with every single one who doesn’t do their work, gets carried on generationally.  For the past decade I have been healing my childhood and the unfortunate behaviours and situations that followed into adulthood because of it.



  • Professionally Certified Co-Active Leadership and Life Coach (CPCC).

  • Education and Training with the globally renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

  • PCC Coaching Accreditation with International Coaching Federation (ICF).

  • Graduate of CTI Leadership Training.

  • Yoga Teacher – 200 Hours with Yoga London

  • Mindfulness Trainer

  • Train Facilitator of The Demartini Method - Human development and transformation.

  • The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) facilitator. TLCP is a powerful 360 Assessment in Organisational Leadership

  • Trained in CRR Global Systemic & Team Coaching.

  • BA (Hons) degree in Communications.


Lauren is a northern monkey, who is direct and real with a big old heart. Personal transformation and self development is her life's work; through the years this has created a deep peace and trust within herself, along with the courage to live her most fulfilling life, take risks and face all the challenges life throws at us with love and curiosity.  She is committed to creating this for her clients. Finding You was written out of a belief that the only way we can ever reach anywhere near our true potential is if we unpack and heal all the storms life has thrown at us. She is deeply passionate about personal transformation and making life fun and full of joy! Life has many shit storms but when we reframe these and when we cultivate joy we can overcome everything.  With the right support and tools everyone can fulfil themselves beyond their wildest expectations. She believes that our single most important job in life is to evolve ourselves and heal all the ways in which we hold ourselves back; and at the end of that is the ultimate freedom, a life beyond our wildest dreams and the peace and wisdom to truly enjoy it. 



Prior to founding Finding You and becoming a partner at Lea_p, Lauren also spent ten years working within the Property and Construction Industry in the UK and the Middle East in Sales, Marketing and Business.

Finding You
Finding You
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