Finding You The Journal

Finding You is about understanding yourself, accepting yourself and making a difference to your life in a way that feels good; A life that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

Are you feeling overwhelmed or like you’re not making the most of yourself? Do you want to create more ‘YOU’ time? If so, it’s time to take a deep breath in and start a daily practice.

Finding You is the guide and structure to support you start your daily practice. It will help you uncover yourself and give yourself some precious time each and every day to look after you.


What our readers have said...

This book/journal is so much more than I initially thought it would be... Lauren has thoughtfully put this book together for us to have a powerful tool to practice daily what we need as individuals to live the best, most fulfilled life we can. There’s so much information out there it’s overwhelming... So to have a book with tools and activities I can apply to our daily lives, as it suits me, is priceless. All in one spot there’s practical advise we can use straight away, and Lauren guides us to apply them instead of just reading over it.. there’s also lots of space at the back to journal and put the tools she’s given us into practice straight away!

Siobhan Holmes

This book is so well written and super inspiring- I made the decision today to buy this as a gift for everyone I love for their birthdays. I work as fitness coach - so it really makes sence to me the daily habits. Just to note I myself often fail with things in this book that I know make me a better person when I do them - ie giving too much - not looking after yourself then depleted. It’s so true is our responsibility to look after ourselves- this book gives real framework - simple exercises to put this practice in. What I like is it’s based on the research the author has done in her job as a coach - plus it’s super modern and easy to navigate. The best present you could buy yourself!

Helle Hammonds

Finding You in Bristol
Finding You in London
Finding You in Dubai

I'm a seasoned coach looking for fresh ideas with clients. I use this wonderful book as a guide for new clients. I gift it to them in the first session, leaning into the important foundational exercises in the book around inner critic and values as a starting point. The author's guiding principle aligns with mine - that if we are to make a difference in the world, we need to be fully awake to our own inner world before we can impact the 'outer' world. She invites a full exploration of what is is to be human through mind, body and heart. I'm getting great feedback from clients as to how this supports their coaching journey with me.

Catherine Stagg-Macey

What a beautiful book! I love how it's split into 3 sections of mind, body and soul with lots of practical tools to use, as well as plenty of space for your own journalling and self-exploration. It's helped me get in touch with who I am, what I want and to look after myself better from all aspects of my life. I now have a clearer vision of my values, my passion and what I need to be at my best. It's easy to get caught up in day-to-day stresses but this book is a constant reminder of what I need to be fulfilled.