Emmanuelle Langlois


  • Faculty at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

  • Professionally Certified Co-Active Leadership and Life Coach (CPCC). Education and

    Training with the globally renowned CTI

  • PCC Coaching Accreditation with International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Graduate of CTI Leadership Training

  • Capgemini University Qualified Facilitator and Faculty

  • iLead Certified Consultant. Psychometric and cognitive patterns analysis tool

  • Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI) Profile Certified Consultant

  • Master Degree in Business Administration (Major in Finance)

Emmanuelle has a big heart and high energy and she loves people! She passionately believes that everyone has the resources to create the life of their dreams. Emmanuelle creates connections with and between people; helping them to enjoy being themselves, feel good about what they are doing and be authentic doing it, whatever it is. Emmanuelle offers a safe and courageous space for her clients, where they can create their own adventures and design the life they truly want. Before supporting others on their personal development journey, Emmanuelle went on her own development voyage to explore and discover herself. Her inward journey taught her that all she needed to live authentically and on purpose had always been inside her. Finding herself again, daring to challenge some old patterns and beliefs and giving herself permission to cultivate joy and just BE was worth it. And she now feels so lucky to accompany other people on their own life adventure

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