Connecting to your inner wisdom.

Coaching is a powerful self-development tool that reveals our behavioural patterns and explores our internal belief systems which is key to unlocking our authentic self.

Do you want to be the best version of yourself but aren't quite there yet?

Have you settled and accepted that this is all you are worth?

Do you yearn for more but have no idea how to reach it?

If so, coaching is a fantastic way to achieve your potential. If you want to live a life where you feel alive, balanced, valued and fulfilled - coaching IS for you.

‘"You will know the truth and the truth will liberate you" – Jesus

Have you ever been told something and it sort of makes sense intellectually, but then you experience it and the meaning is completely different to you? You know it to be true from deep within. This is how it goes with personal development; when you just talk about it, it makes sense but nothing in your life actually changes. Then you experience it, you reflect, you process and suddenly you are transformed and you can never go back to where you were. Growth and transformation occur with your active participation. This is what this quote means to me, this is the liberation and this is the power of self-development and evolving ourselves. It is the freedom that comes from personal growth. I never imagined I would ever quote Jesus, but it turns out the man knew his stuff

Finding You in essence is about healing, growing and thriving from the events and experiences that have shaped us for better or worse. In order to become who we know we truly are and to live in integrity. To create and be proud of our lives. It is not about ticking society’s boxes of what a good person looks like, but to be true to who we are and to live in our truth. We can only grow and heal when we feel safe, Gabor Mate says ‘only when compassion is present will people allow themselves to see, or to experience, the truth’.  


The nature of the truth is that it hurts sometimes, so the approach used at Finding You is built on the following 4 foundations, which help create ultimate salty for you to explore what you need.  These are the foundations:

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Psychotherapeutic Approach

Most of this section focuses on the past. We DEEP dive into our past experience and explore safely and with zero judgement what happened to us and the impact it is having right now and how it is informing your life in the present:

  • Childhood Trauma

  • Inner Child work

  • Reparenting Ourselves

  • Overcoming addictive patterns and behaviours

  • Understanding the impact our family systems had on us

  • Healing generational trauma

  • Forgiveness


“We have to go back in order to consciously go forward’


This is about connecting us with our essence, and aligning with our deepest good. We do this in the present every single day. My ever evolving love of yoga and nature is the foundations for this section and connecting with our bodies is a huge part of our personal growth, they are our senses, they connect us to our feelings, they create all the wonder of taste, touch, sight and sound. As a certified yoga teacher I will bring this knowledge in to make this cornerstone one of kindness and commitment.

  • Daily practices

  • Daily movement

  • Calming our nervous system

  • Rest

  • Breathwork

  • Meditation

  • Alignment with your higher self

Daily Practice

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Coaching is a way for you to become aware of what is important to you, to get clear on what you want and to focus on the future and life you desire – not what society says but what is right and integral for YOU. We will explore:

  • Your values

  • Your inner critics

  • Exploring new perspectives

  • The beliefs and assumptions you have that shape your world

  • Visualising your future

  • Setting Goals and accountability

  • Acknowledge and championing you along the way

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Joy is a foundation of everything we do. I want to empower you to find way to create daily joy, this effects our mind our body, our health, our nervous system and our energy. Joy really is an inside job and it is fundamental to consciously create this whilst we navigate the challenges of everyday life. Play and fun are key to living wholeheartedly and trust me when you go through a deep self-development there is going to be pain- it is essential that we know how to create our own joy!


Deep work is hard and strong foundations are the key to success.



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This is a guide of what your coaching development journey will look like, it is not a one size fits all so each client will have a personalised journey co created together, to create a powerful and exciting plan of action.


My approach is a combination of love, kindness, huge compassion and challenge. I will support you not only my 10 years of learning and education but my 35 years of life experience.  It is cliché to say but it really is a journey and a life long one. I am by no means a finished article nor do I pretend to be, life is messy. But I am resilient, strong, grounded, compassionate and peaceful. I am also becoming more and more gentle on myself and living a life of honesty and truth for me. It may not look like everyone else’s life but it is honest, and I am proud of that.

"Trauma is not what happened to us, but what happened inside us"

Our courses include: 


  • Discovery sessions

  • Exploring Values

  • Unfolding where guilt and shame is held

  • Uncovering Trauma

  • Exploring childhood issues

  • Questioning our beliefs, assumptions and triggers

  • Understanding your attachment styles and how they manifest in behaviour today

  • Reparenting ourselves

  • Exploring addiction, its source and how it served you

  • Becoming more mindful

  • Setting goals and creating a fulfilling vision

  • Creating joy

  • Celebrating your uniqueness

  • Reframing and expanding perspectives on your life story

  • Practicing forgiveness

  • Cultivating deep compassion

Coaching Packages Price List

3 Months


3 Month Coaching Package 

A 90 minute exploration of you with your coach 

2 x biweekly session 

Copy of a signed Finding You book

Video Support

Literature support 

Links to meditations 

Weekly email and telephone support from your coach

(Usual price: £1800)

6 Months


A 90 minute exploration of you with your coach 

2 x biweekly session 

Copy of a signed Finding You book

Video Support

Literature support 

Links to meditations 

Weekly email and telephone support from your coach  

(Usual price: £3000)

9 Months


A 90 minute exploration of you with your coach 

2 x biweekly session 

Copy of a signed Finding You book

Video Support

Literature support 

Links to meditations 

Weekly email and telephone support from your coach  

(Usual price: £3600)

Below are our COVID-19 offers. If you are struggling financially, please get in touch and we will do our best to support.

What Clients Have Said

Lauren is an exceptional coach and leadership trainer. She really pushes you to open up and to reach your potential, but has a passion which shines and a presence which calms you and instills trust all the while. I participated in a leadership program this year with Lauren that inspired me to take chances, and be more confident as a leader and it has resulted in major positive changes in my life and career. On top of her skills, Lauren is a caring and genuine person that you not only want to keep in your life as a coach, but as a friend.

Alyssa Keil




Lauren is a great coach who always acts with honesty and integrity. She gets you to dig deep into yourself to help you understand yourself better and the impact/impression that you have on others. I have found the whole coaching experience to be challenging, rewarding and enjoyable.

Andrew Reynolds

Just giving Lauren a 'recommendation' doesn't seem enough; not if I'm to judge her on the impact she has had on my career and my life. I sit writing this on the verge of some very exciting developments and I honestly know that I wouldn't have been in this position if it hadn't been for the 6 months personal coaching time I've had with her. Quite simply an excellent coach, trusted advisor and friend. Lauren is uniquely talented; genuine, insightful, energetic and honest, and has an incredible ability to get you to a depth of understanding about yourself that I never thought possible for me.

Owner, The Spark

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