Catherine Stagg-Macey


  • Professionally Certified Co-Active Leadership and Life Coach (CPCC)

  • Certified in Systemic and relationship coaching with CRR Global Systemic  

  • Graduate of CTI Leadership Training

  • Certified Leadership Circle Coach

  • Certified Coach Supervisor with the Coaches Supervision Academy

  • Certified Lego Serious Play facilitator

  • iLead Certified Consultant. Psychometric and cognitive patterns analysis tool

  • Qualified 5 Rhythms Space holder – a mediation dance practice

  • Qualified Business mentor for women entrepreneurs through Cherie Blair Foundation

  • Degree in Computer Science



Catherine was raised to live in her head. Academics mattered, and family dinner conversations were more Socratic debate than heart connection. She pursued head over heart in a career in technology, and not surprisingly, met her first serious bout of  depression. In her 20s, she learnt how to manage this with lifestyle choices. Emigrating in her 30s brought more change and chaos to her life, and she lost her ground and the black dog pursued her.


Only in her 40s did she final listen to her soul, and make choices about a calling that had been there since a teenager – and trained as a coach.  In these last 10 years, Catherine has continued this deep, personal and often challenging pursuit into why she is here at this time on this planet. She’s developed her own blend of practices to manage her mental health, and done considerable work to heal the family system wounds. Catherine loves poetry, journaling, 5Rhthms dancing and DJing.


She brings to her coaching relationships humour, creativity, play and challenge. She will call it straight and love you to bits at the same time.



Catherine  spent over twenty years in the technology industry where her computer science degree gave her a great foundation for this work. She’s developed software, managed development projects and budgeted and strategized, lead teams, mentored staff, brainstormed and had a few of those “hard conversations”. In the final chapter before coaching, she built a European consulting team that became the top performing team in the Global consulting company.