'Self-help' has often looked like fixing what is broken and playing victim because of it. This is not how we do it. This is not sitting around in a circle as victims, this is grabbing life by the balls, taking risks whilst deeply and compassionately loving yourself. ​ Finding You is modern day self-development to evolve you to be your best.  

Finding You is about creating a beautiful life for yourself. How? We do it through getting you out of your comfort zone with like-minded people on a crazy adventure. We will laugh, we will cry, we will support you and you will leave feeling more connected to yourself than you have in a long time. This is self-development to unf*ck yourself.


No messing around, dive right in!

About Finding You

Our Values

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Our Journey

Finding You is the personal development leg of Lea_p Leadership, a leadership development company tor teams, cultures and leaders.  


Finding You, the journal, was written by Lauren Burton in 2018 and became a lot more in 2020. We created retreats, and coaching programs after recieving requests from clients for self-development with a focus on healing our wounds, creating purpose and living life to the max.

"Personal growth is more than just some soft skills, it is the ability to connect with the deepest parts of yourself, to heal the trauma’s of your life so you can become aware of your behavioural patterns and choose consciously ones that serve you. Self-awareness is the very essence of transformation, and from this place we can all create a life that is inspiring, joyful, honest and full of love not only for ourselves but for those around us.


Finding You, The Retreat is about waking up, believing in yourself and creating a life that is truly magical. Life is messy, its painful, its joyful, its breathtakingly beautiful. We have one go at life and if we evolve ourselves, be kind to ourselves and heal ourselves we also help those around us to do the same. The ripples spread into our families, our teams, our friends and our communities. When we heal ourselves and we thrive in life, we also heal our world and the world thrives. For me there is no more important work" - Founder, Lauren Burton


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Get in touch with us at info@lea-p.com if you're interested in any of our services or want to have a conversation about anything we offer.

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