6 Week Self-Development

at Home

Begin your daily practice for fulfilling your life

Finding You is about understanding yourself, accepting yourself and making a difference to your life in a way that feels good. These 6 weeks are the guide and structure to support participants to start their daily practice. It will help participants gain self-awareness and give themselves some precious time each and every day to connect with themselves and therefore improve all aspects of their life.

The 6 week at home retreat will help you find your inner peace and clarity amidst the abyss. It includes weekly videos, meditations, daily exercises and one to one email support from Founder and Executive Coach, Lauren Burton.

Image by Alisa Anton

Structure of the 6 Weeks

Each week there is a video available of Lauren, the author and founder of Finding You, explaining a section of the book. She explains what it is, why it’s important, the impact it can have on yourself and those around you, and how to implement it to your lives. The weeks cover the following;

1. Gratitude
2. Meditation

3. Self-Care
4. Journaling
5. Affirmations

6. Visioning

Alongside the short videos, there are suggested daily activities, guided meditations and additional exclusive content.

You will also get one to one email support from Founder and Executive Coach, Lauren Burton.

Worth over £1050, the 6 week series is offered to you for ONLY £20.

*Please note that the course begins as soon as you pay for it meaning that the content for the next day is available exactly 24 hours after you purchase it. If you enrol at 5pm on a Monday, you will only have access to the next day at 5pm on Tuesday and so on. Therefore, we advise that you wait a day to begin the course so that you have access to the next day as early as you like.

Any questions, do get in touch info@lea-p.com.

"Lea_p's 6 week 'Finding You' course was such a great experience. I would highly recommend it, it's great for everyone on all levels, and really got me into the routine of more self care, gratitude and journaling. 10/10!"

- Ben Sage, Photographer